About Us

    H C P A is a professional Audit & Consulting Firm specialized in Auditing, Internal Auditing, Financial consultations that provides management and technical expertise across all aspects of the above mentioned areas. We strongly believe that any successful organization should always enhance its capabilities and experience across all functions in order to overcome all business challenges. We also believe that appropriate advisors can help to make the right change and help in understanding business plans and best practice of execution throughout proper humanization between business needs and applicable practice for the targeted functionalities. We at H C P A , leveraging on our strong capabilities and reputation to build on professionalism, integrity as well as proven successful record of accomplishment in the development and implementation of best practices across different industry. Our key values are Integrity, inspiration, Partnership, Quality, Trust, Transparency and proficiency

presenting special consultation that are specialized in management, finance, in accordance with the best standards

To become the top and the most preferred consulting firm for the clients whether public , private or government sectors.

Integrity: We base our decisions upon high ethical values

Inspiration: we work with passion, motivated by our deep understanding of the importance of our work

Partnership: we work together with a spirit of one team, cooperating toward achieving success and growth

Quality: quality is a tenet we always commit to

Trust: gaining our client’s trust is our first goal

Proficiency: we stick to and spread the professional ethics