Auditing Supervisor

Planning and supervising the audit process

Job description

Planning and supervising the audit process.

Assigning responsibilities to junior auditors and staff.

Reviewing the work of the accounting team to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Overseeing the assessment of risks and how to confront them.

Completely follow up on audits on time and submit reports to the Audit Manager.

Analyzing and presenting audit results and finding ways to increase efficiency.

Coordination of periodic reviews of the institution.

Reviewing and evaluating internal control systems

Determining the extent to which employees adhere to project policies and procedures.

Detecting mistakes and preventing their recurrence

Determining the extent to which the project adheres to the requirements.


– Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting/Auditing

5 years experience.

The ability to determine the extent of reliance on the accounting and financial reporting system.

Good knowledge of ways to ensure that the information contained in the various reports is correct

Proficiency in the review process periodically and regularly for various activities and make recommendations.

Accuracy in dealing with arithmetic operations.

The ability to provide programs to reduce costs and develop the necessary procedures.

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