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We offer a wide range of legal, financial and accounting services that companies need
institutions and all businesses, to make work more efficient and smoother, since incorporation
Until now, we are striving to become the ideal partner for every customer who trusted us, and to achieve this we offer everything
Our services are based on knowledge, experience, professional excellence and commitment in our work. If you want to grow your company and optimizing their resources, our professional services are here to help you achieve that.

Risk management

From small to medium and global businesses, HCPA helps solve risk management challenges through advisory offerings and integrated solutions from experts.

Internal Audit and Compliance

Benefit from the expertise of specialized teams and professionals in financial, operational and compliance internal audit and management finance and supply chain; To increase and enhance the capabilities of your organization.


We offer comprehensive financial services, starting from structuring financial systems, record keeping, corporate valuation, and acquisition and merger advisory on the basis of the diverse experience of our team.

External audit and assurance

Our experienced professionals are available around the clock to help you understand, and overcome Obstacles that can hinder the growth of your business.

Local Content

Our company is accredited by the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia We help achieve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's vision of developing local content.

Tax and Zakat services

Our team is ready to help you keep your tax returns to a minimum, and provide advice on the best future tax planning solutions.

Special assignments

Our services adapt to the needs and nature of each business and field. The experience and knowledge of our team helps us in this And the specialization enjoyed by each person in Al-Awfi and Al-Harbi Company.

Judicial Reports

Thanks to our experience, we can help you obtain impartial judicial reports that enhance confidence in business environment within the region.


We offer comprehensive financial services, starting from structuring financial systems, record keeping, corporate valuation, and acquisition and merger advisory on the basis of the diverse experience of our team.

Our Company Activities

Our company participated in many events and activities that we are proud of, and we consider them evidence of our success and the impact of our ambition. Every event left its mark on us and we left our mark with it, whether it was attending international conferences, organizing workshops to spread knowledge, or participating in Saudi events and events.

HCPA organized a workshop on value added tax at the Chamber of Commerce

The HCPA office, led by Mr. Abdullah Al-Harbi (Partner), Mr. Turki Al-Awfi (Partner) and Mr. Faeq Al-Saaida, Value Added Tax Consultant, organized a workshop on Value Added Tax on Monday 11/13/2017 corresponding to 24/2/1439 AH in cooperation with the Chamber Commercial in Al-Qassim, in the presence of a group of representatives to apply the corporate and establishment tax from the private sector, with the aim of raising the readiness of the establishments in preparation for the added value, as of January 1, 2018. And ensuring an understanding of the value-added tax, and the steps required for the process of preparing for it in Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh.

HCPA's participation in the Saudi Society of Auditors forum

HCPA is among the prominent companies that were invited to participate in the two meetings of the Saudi Association of Internal Auditors, which will be held, God willing, next November.

Attendance of HCPA as a partner in the annual internal audit conference

HCPA Al-Awfi and Al-Harbi Certified Public Accountants participated in the eighth annual conference in the presence of a group of local and international leaders and experts to discuss the most important challenges facing the internal audit profession and to propose the best solutions and professional practices for the business environment. Mr. Abdullah Saleh Al-Harbi, partner in charge of risk services, spoke on behalf of HCPA in a dialogue session entitled (The Added Value of Audit Committees). Mr. Ahmed Azzam Sukkar, Director of Internal Audit Risk Services at HCPA, presented a workshop entitled (Practical Application for Preparing Audit Reports)

Honoring employees and participating in Saudi events

HCPA follows the approach of investing in its employees in the company’s belief that the true capital of every company are the employees and the workers within it. Therefore, the company was keen to organize a celebration to honor the employees who obtained professional certificates in the field in order to encourage them to exert more effort and raise the efficiency of performance and then raise the level of service provided to customers. This honor came within the monthly activities held by the Board of Directors headed by Mr. Abdullah Al-Harbi, and Mr. Turki Al-Awfi during their meetings with the employees to follow up on the work progress. The company also celebrates every year the Saudi Foundation Day and the Saudi National Day.