Mr. Amer AlSomal

He joined HCPA and added great value in the field of financial and operational risk analysis and gained accumulated experience in the field of internal audit through participating in projects with major national companies, the most prominent of which is Alam of Technology. Mr. Amer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a fellowship from the International Association of Internal Auditors.

Mr. Amer AlSomal


He is an excellent person who excels in his work, don't worry about his services...


Employee biography

  • CIA Certified Internal Auditor
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting / Damascus University
  • Master’s degree in financial advisory

Mr. Amer worked as a systems analyst and mucus analysis consultant. He also worked as a financial manager in major industrial companies in the Kingdom, and he has experience in the field of internal auditing in the private sector for more than 6 years.
With the company, he provides internal audit services in a number of financial, commercial, and industrial companies, in addition to the government sector.
Among the most prominent roles performed are:

participation in the preparation of audit plans, implementation of audits, preparation of internal audit reports, and contribution to the preparation of policies and procedures manuals and risk registers.


I work in the following days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

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