• 04/05/2016
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Zakat and tax have undergone occasional changes and modifications. An important aspect of the business of both foreign and domestic companies is their impact on the profitability and regulatory obligations of these companies.

The services provided by HCPA includes :

– Zakat and VAT planning.

– Representing the clients in following up with  General authority of zakat and tax.

– Evaluation of the impact of large transactions on Zakat and Tax allocations.

– Assist in the preparation of Zakat and tax declarations and follow up with the authorities.

– Assist in responding to the inquiries of the Zakat and Tax authority.

– Providing Zakat and tax consultancy and developing awareness and knowledge in this field with the specialized staff in the establishments for which we provide our services.

– Obtaining the Zakat and Tax Certificates.

– Registration of the establishments with the tax authority and opening a tax file.

– Advising clients to adjust accounting policies in line with VAT.

– Submission of VAT declarations.

– Submission of tax objections.