The external audit service is one of the most important services that HCPA provides through a variety of high qualified staff who give the opinion about the financial statements. In addition, we examine the internal control system and issue our recommendations on the strength and weakness of the controls  .


Internal audit activities are mandatory requirements imposed by various regulators in the country. Internal audit is recommended for companies who wish to improve their internal processes and operations.

Our services include:

  • Establishment of internal audit departments
  • Establishment of risk management
  • Quality Assurance Review of Internal Audit Function
  • Strategic risk assessment of enterprises
  • Perform audits
  • Corporate Risk Management (ERM)
  • Training internal auditors to increase the added value of internal audit .


Zakat and tax have undergone occasional changes and modifications. An important aspect of the business of both foreign and domestic companies is their impact on the profitability and regulatory obligations of these companies.

The services provided by HCPA includes :

– Zakat and VAT planning.

– Representing the clients in following up with  General authority of zakat and tax.

– Evaluation of the impact of large transactions on Zakat and Tax allocations.

– Assist in the preparation of Zakat and tax declarations and follow up with the authorities.

– Assist in responding to the inquiries of the Zakat and Tax authority.

– Providing Zakat and tax consultancy and developing awareness and knowledge in this field with the specialized staff in the establishments for which we provide our services.

– Obtaining the Zakat and Tax Certificates.

– Registration of the establishments with the tax authority and opening a tax file.

– Advising clients to adjust accounting policies in line with VAT.

– Submission of VAT declarations.

– Submission of tax objections.

Accounting and Financial Consulting

Preparing the Chart of accounts for companies and institutions in various sectors.

Holding accounting records and recording daily movements and following up on their stocking.

 Preparing periodic accounting reports.

 Preparation and organization of cost accounting for companies and institutions in various sectors.

 Preparing and reviewing the bank reconciliation and matching it with the accounting books.

 Preparation of accounting correspondence and confirmation of accounts periodically.

Preparing stock settlements and final closing.

Preparing financial policies and procedures for companies and institutions in various sectors .

Corporate Governance Services

Recently, companies have become aware of the application of the principles and mechanisms of corporate governance and to address their shortcomings, as one of the tools and the main pillars of the exit from this financial crisis and avoid its negative effects, especially after some studies have shown that the wrong application of the principles and mechanisms of corporate governance was a major cause of the crisis.

We at HCPA provide the latest practices in corporate governance through a team with accumulated experience in this area to provide the best services for the application of mechanisms and governance tools.


Management Consulting is a service that helps organizations improve their performance and staff performance by analyzing problems and developing plans to improve existing organizational structure. Our services include:

Human resources services :

  • Build and develop organizational and functional structures and job descriptions
  • Human Resources Needs Assessment Plan
  • Design and implementation of staff evaluation tools and mechanisms

Identification of training needs

  • Preparing policies and procedures for various activities.
  • Project management
  • Preparation of feasibility studies .

Reports submitted to judicial bodies

Judicial accounting covers a wide range of disciplines, including investigations, judicial information technology, litigation support, settlement and resolution of disputes, and reports to regulators and investigations.

At H C P A we have a team with experience in judicial accounting to provide investigation, analysis and reporting services


The Board of Directors of the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants has decided to apply the International Accounting Standards after completing their approval by the Authority. The application shall be applied to financial statements prepared for financial periods beginning on 1-1-2017 for listed companies. As for other establishments, the application is applied to financial statements prepared for financial periods beginning on 1-1-2018.

H C P A provides services to assist the companies for the transition to new financial disclosure standards by highly experienced staff in the implementation of these consultations.