External Audit & Assurance

External audit is considered one of the most important services provided by Al-Aufi and Al-Harbi Certified Public Accountants (HCPA), where the external audit provides trust in the financial statements provided our Client and helps in enhancing transparency among all beneficiaries of these Financial Statements

Detailed description

We follow a specific approach that matches the needs and nature of each business to ensure that we reach the most accurate results
Our review and confirmation by first identifying the nature of your work and understanding the basic components of the internal system
For your organization, then we complete the stage of auditing and reviewing the records and books and following up on the nature of the relationship between the accounts on the one hand and the previous financial periods on the other hand; To make sure it is logical and consistent with expectations, etc., then we give you a complete and comprehensive report of the inventory process, listing all the observations and recommendations necessary to raise the efficiency of the institution. Preparing the auditor’s report on the basis of the final accounting cash and preparing the auditor’s report on the accrual basis in accordance with the accounting standards of the public sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About the employee

Employee Name : Hasan Masoud

Mr. Hassan has a long experience in the field of external auditing and other assurances, as he gained his experience, which included many sectors such as the energy sector, industrial sectors, assembly and transformational industries, commercial activities,
Real estate development, which gave him the opportunity to develop his professional expertise. To assess risks and identify material misstatements, whether due to error or fraud.

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