Ali Akbar, CIAS

IT and Cybersecurity Audit Manager

  • Education, Licenses and Certifications :

      • Master of Science in Computer Science .
      • Certified Information Systems Auditor .
      • Certified Ethical Hacker .
  • Background

Ali is a IT and Cyber Security Audit Manager with HCPA. A seasoned professional with more than fifteen years of rich experience in Information Technology/Cyber Security Audits and Controls. Possess excellent audit and analytical skills combined with strategic planning and technical acumen to streamline business operations, presenting robust security and governance solutions in alignment with business objectives and risk appetite. Ali showed his high performance in accordance with the performance plans and standards with the team and his ability to deliver high quality work outputs to satisfy customers

  • Key Skills

He has Extensive experience in many industries and fields and the ability to deal with the challenges and solve problems in a timely manner and without affecting the performance and outputs of the project.

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