Special Reports, Litigation and Legacy

Business litigation accounting reporting service Preparing reports on agreed preventive measures  Reviewing the revenue base of telecommunication companies Managing and preparing estates, including liquidation and distribution of assets Establishing branches of foreign companies in accordance with regulations and laws .

  • Reports submitted to judicial authorities

Providing financial services work with financial lawsuits Agreement and resolution of financial and real disputes and financial recovery Retrospective investigation and analysis of findings related to judicial cases .

  • Agreed procedures services

Providing audit services and agreed procedures or on specific financial items ,and a report issued by the chartered accountant on the results The instructions of international standard no 4400 must be adhered to when implementing them .

  • Management of assets & inheritances

Providing estate and inheritance management services , carring out guardianship and management activities for estates in a way that ensures the interests of the heirs are achieved by specialized experts in the fields of management economics , accounting , law and sharia .

  • Special Reporting Services to approve telecommunications companies

Providing services for issuing reports and reasonable assurances to telecommunications companies in accordance with the requirements of the ministry of communications and information technology , including examining the revenue base required by the communications and information technology commission and ensuring its conformity with the financial regulations issued by the commission .

  • Consultant Services for establishing companies

We’ve a team specialized in establishing companies for increasing investors in Saudi companies Providing all the necessary services to start your activity in the kingdom , whether through a company owned for investment , investment aboard , or its complete establishment for an additional investor , in taking the following measures to assist customers .

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