Tax & Zakat

Assisting clients in fulfilling their tax & zakat obligations by preparing and filing tax returns accurately and submit all declarations in compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations

  • Tax and Zakat Planning :

Developing strategies to minimize tax & zakat liabilities and optimize tax benefits through careful planning and utilization of available tax incentives and deductions

  • International Tax Services :

Advising clients on cross-border tax & zakat  matters, including tax implications of global operations, transfer pricing, tax treaties, and foreign tax credits

  • Tax and Zakat Advisory :

Providing expert guidance on complex tax & zakat issues, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, investments, and divestments, to help clients make informed decisions and manage tax risks effectively

  • Indirect Tax Services :

Assisting clients with indirect taxes, such as value added tax (VAT), customs and excise duties, and assisting with compliance, planning, and structuring

  • Tax and Zakat Dispute Resolution :

Representing clients in tax audits, investigations, and disputes with ZATCA providing support in negotiations and appeals, and helping to resolve tax controversies.

  • Transfer Pricing :

Assisting multinational companies with transfer pricing compliance and documentation, ensuring arm’s length pricing of intercompany transactions, and managing transfer pricing risks

  • Tax Technology and Automation :

Utilizing technology tools and solutions to streamline tax processes, enhance data management, improve tax reporting, and ensure compliance with tax regulations

  • Tax Due Diligence :

Conducting comprehensive tax due diligence reviews for mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions to identify potential tax risks and opportunities

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